Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Project!

We have now been given a new project in set design, designing and building for a new educational project for the Theatre Royal Newcastle.....not much is known at this point other than we are making a Victorian Parlour that belongs to a Illusionaist......cue secret passages and moving paintings!!! Quite excited to get started with this.

More updates later! Next one will be about our new costume project; one word...... SHAKESPEARE!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

This is my Scenic painting from the book 'The Ornament of Grammar'. I found it difficult to get the straight edges with the paint, even with the black marker pen around the outline it was hard to get a perfect edge. However I do like the colours that I chose in the end and think they compliment each other well.

First Proper Post

Hullo, this is now my first real post as I have re-organised my blog and have put my photos in at the bottom :DI hope you all enjoy my old work, and to tell you new work shall be coming along shortly!

Currently we have just finished a project where we had to build flats for canvas' to paint a scene based on the book 'The Grammar of Ornament' a book that I do enjoy as I find the designs interesting; and for this project found fun to re-create adding my own touches.

We are also working on creating design for the comedian John Archer as part of a competition in the group to re-style him for his stage appearances. More will be added on that one.

For not going to do some more effects onto my blog to personalise it and display myself effectively.