Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The end is near!

I havn't updated in a while but nearly done with the final projects of the year!

In costume we are doing millinery and i am having so much fun making the fascinators! I am also making a headpiece to go alongside my previous Shakespeare project so an image of that will be up shortly! I also wanted to make a cloche hat however the felt did not come in time for this project, but as i do have I will be making it over the next few weeks while I still have access to the printing blocks at Uni.

In set we are designing and making scale models of carnival floats; I chose to make one representing the Venetian Carnival as I love Venice and it is one of my dreams to be able to visit the city during carnival....cue saving up lots of money!

Images will be up soon as well as hopefully a few more personal projects during the summer holidays :)