Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Final Major Project

We are now well into our Final Major Projects at Uni now and I have to say I am pleased so far!!!
I have decided to design all characters in one chapter per book and create two characters from the Study Trilogy written by Maria V.Snyder for a 'film' adaptation of the books.
I have chosen the character Valek from the first book and his costume will text my skills in that i have never made trousers and making sure that the cpstumes fits well for look and movement as the character is an assasin who needs to be able to move easily.
From the second book I have chosen to create Yelena's costume, being the main character I thought it best to design and create one of her costumes and for the trouser half I am digitally printing my own design onto the fabric (as can be seen below) which I am excited about as it is the first time I have done such a thing.
Shall try and keep more updates soon!